Yellow Borneo


Yellow Borneo is probably most similar to what some vendors called Gold Bali. There are no yellow-veined kratom varieties, and there is no kratom grown in Bali.  As the major production area of Indonesia, Borneo is likely where most “Bali” kratom is grown.  Bali is simply a major city and shipping port, which has mistakenly lent its name as a strain.  So Gold Bali kratom could more accurately be called Gold Borneo. Then there’s the color. Whereas green, red and white kratom powders get their name from the leaf veins, gold or yellow kratom is named because of the curing process, which tends to give it a more golden-brown or yellow-brown tone. There is no real difference between gold or yellow other than that Gold sounds nicer.  So it is reasonable to say some vendors would call this Gold Bali. We choose to stick with the name it is given to us by.  Yellow kratom varieties are usually situated between white and red on the kratom color scale.  Yellow Borneo kratom is another common choice for our customers who shop for something different.  Many vendors do not carry any yellow kratom at all. Yellow Borneo is one of two yellow kratom varieties we offer..


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