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When Kratom trees are young, their leaves are generally smaller. However, as they age, Kratom trees begin to produce larger and larger leaf sizes until, at the peak of their maturity, the leaves reach the biggest size they’ll get as they extend out from the tree’s branches. Super Green Kratom is pure, high-quality Kratom powder that is produced using especially large, mature Kratom leaves. These leaves are harvested from Kratom trees that grow natively in the Kalimantan region of Indonesia, where the tropical, humid climate is perfect for thriving Kratom plants. Our Super Green Kratom is a mix of two 100% Green Vein Kratom strains. This ratio results in a highly desirable overall alkaloid profile that many of our customers swear by


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7 reviews for Super Green

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    mickey8592 (verified owner)

    nice product!!

  2. Avatar

    Ashley Ric

    It’s arrived!!!!!! THANK YOU!!

  3. Avatar

    Gavin R

    High quality just made my day! this super green is so rad!

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    Bill B

    Super Gren
    This is one of the strongest kratom I ever used. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t take as much to get the feeling I’m looking for witch I like. Saves on money and powder.

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    Shawn M

    Before I decided to buy I asked Fauzan in the live chat and she suggest me to try this strain.
    What an epic kratom!!

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    Josh P

    Great stuff will buy again next week

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    Joerg André

    Es ist das erste Kratom eines Anbieters, bei dem ich eine große Charge gekauft habe. Bestellen Sie jetzt eine andere

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