Red Hulu Malay


Red Hulu Kratom is the greatest thing since the Good Lord gave us Saturday morning cartoons. This wildly adaptable strain is a multipurpose herb that’s suited to everyone’s needs.

As we covered in our strain, red vein kratom is the most abundant form of Mitragyna speciosa in the Western hemisphere. But it’s also infamous for being the most tranquil.

Red Hulu Kapuas Kapuas shares this serene quality with other red kratom strains, but it differentiates itself by virtue of other, more versatile characteristics. At certain dosages, it may yield all of the exhilaration we’ve come to expect of red veins while at other dosages it carries the potential of being rather invigorating.

Knowing your vein color is just as important as knowing your dosage. In today’s review, I’ll tell you all about why Red Hulu is a special hue of red and


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