Rinca Kratom: Supplier of High Quality Kratom

The kratom tree is a Southeast Asian native that we can find in Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. Indonesian vendors are one of the best places to get high-quality Kratom.

Despite the distance, sellers from all over the world manage to get their hands on Kratom from Indonesia. This is because high quality Kratom has numerous advantages that you cannot overlook.

Here are a few examples:

  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle aches
  • Fatigue
  • Addiction and withdrawal (opioid, alcohol)
  • Sleep disorders
  • Mental well-being (depression, anxiety, PTSD)

You must find the proper vendors in order to get the rewards. Rinca Kratom is one of the most reliable suppliers of high quality Kratom from Indonesia. Let’s have a peek at how we make our Kratom.

Rinca Kratom-Making Process

There are seven steps to making high quality Kratom at Rinca Kratom. They are as follows:


1. Planting

The trees in Bornehale’s plantation thrive in an environment that is both environmentally friendly and protective, with well-nourished soil. The tropical temperature and ideal weather in West Borneo result in a high concentration of active alkaloids in the leaves.


2. Harvesting

Our farmers will harvest the Kratom leaves by handpicking them to ensure that they are fully ripe.


3. Washing

Our farmers will next wash the leaves one by one till the dirt is gone at the water stream.


4. Drying

The leaves will be dried outdoors or indoors with the sun as the heat source after they have finished washing them. The color of the Kratom strain will be determined by the drying procedure.


5. Grounding

When the leaves are dry, they are crushed and ground in the factory until they create a fine powder. To protect against microbial contamination, we use a UV sterilizer.


6. Lab Testing

Following that, the high quality Kratom powder will be tested in our laboratory to ensure that it contains mitragynine and is free of Salmonella, E. Coli, yeast, and mold.


7. Packing

Finally, before being dispatched to the vendors, the powders are packed with extreme caution. To ensure that the product’s quality and color remain consistent over time, it is packed using an air vacuum method.

Order Rinca Kratom To Get High Quality Kratom from Indonesia

Rinca Kratom, as one of the leading suppliers of high quality Kratom from Indonesia, grinds its product immediately after receiving client orders. We like to do it this way since it ensures freshness and quality, even if it takes longer.

We just ask for our customers’ consideration since we only want to provide the best service possible. Please contact us as soon as possible if you’d like to place an order!


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